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FlyPetFriends is Changing
How You Care For Pets

FlyPetFriends is Changing How You Care For Pets

At Fly Pet Friends, our mission is to provide exceptional care and reliable delivery services for pets, ensuring their well-being and happiness every step of the way. We are dedicated to creating a seamless and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners, offering a safe and comfortable environment throughout their journey. With a team of passionate professionals, we strive to exceed expectations by delivering personalized and attentive care, fostering strong connections between pets and their families. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond transportation, as we actively promote responsible pet ownership and advocate for the welfare of all animals. Together, we aim to be the trusted companion for pet owners, ensuring that every pet feels loved, protected, and cherished, wherever their journey takes them.


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Frequently asked questions

Schedules are sent out the day prior (or within 24 hours) with all information regarding pick-up and drop-off.
While this may change the rate, we do offer home care/pick Up and drop off service.
Though cancelations may happen, once we have confirmed you for a date deposits are non-refundable. Your Fly Pet Friend has dedicated their day to you and your pet needs!
Unfortunately deposits are assigned to confirm date and person/s. Deposits are non-nefundable and/or non-transferable.
While we do try to accommodate availability on both ends, your Fly Pet Friends always ask to keep an open and flexible schedule!
Your Fly Pet Friends welcome all sizes (size and weight subject to different methods of delivery, care, and rate requirements).
Here at FlyPetFriends, we will keep you update and notified every step of the way once we have your pet in our care!
Yes there are Always possibilities for Delays that may run outside of our control however, Fly Pet Friend will always keep you informed and up to date if Delays do occur and still deliver to you with Prompt Service and Care!

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Domestic Plan Pricing Starting at 675... Contact us for Exact Rate!

Canada & Mexico

Rates for Canada and Mexico starting at 850 contact us for Exact Rate!


International Rates Starting at 2K. Contact us for Exact Rate!

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